Every life has a story, and inside that story rests a master lesson: “your foundation forms your greatness.” Without question my life story, dog-web-endeavor and Save The Creatures philosophy has roots. My wonderful grandparents, from a world older and more complete, shared their unique sense of humor while reminiscing one day: “your first breaths smelled like puppy breath.” And true to their words, my totem capstone inherited this Chi “Spirit Energy” essence I would come to know, and the heartbreak of it’s aging goodbye. My individual revelation of Whooz ‘Ur Doggy! began miles from adulthood and deeply engraved within my earliest memories.

Living my entire life surrounded by animals and never three feet from fur, shaped a belief in their ability to comprehend feelings and demonstrate reflective intelligence far superior than my own. From a young child living on a ranch in northern CA, I’d sneak my way towards horse corrals and coax them to the fence with bits of grass. When close and brave enough, I’d slip onto a Palomino’s back and enjoy being a Rodeo Queen who’d won a serious competition. Never far away, was a faithful dog following me on my errands or explorations. Soon this wet nosed, slobber faced, fiercely wagging creature became my heart companion. When confidently spoken: “It takes a village to raise a child; surely they meant a dog within that village.”

As years raced and life revolved around children, loving families and great friends, there was always an essential dog to share it with. Being loyal pack animals, our dogs were  “observational royalty” while shadowing every move we made. Always nestled nearby, they easily awoke to follow us day or night. Saying they’re “man’s best friend” barely describes their treasured worth to the human race.

In ways we hardly comprehend, whether wild or domesticated, this selfless class of ancient mammals excel in situational awareness. They are blessed with inherited soul purity of wholeness and holiness, scent directional capacity and communication abilities. Intensely brave defenders of personal space and territory when required, dogs are highly elevated solution solvers. As wisdom driven creatures, they seem to access The Great Mystery, possessing many of the primal traits we’d wished for ourselves. In the end, they were the chosen recipient who without hesitation give of themselves and continue giving more.

Your support and encouragement for our gluten-free dog treats; which we no longer bake, has been greatly appreciated! We continue to raise and train our dogs near the beautiful mountain village of Ruidoso, New Mexico where the working ranch lifestyle includes a cowboy’s cattle dogs, competitive rodeos and “kid-driven” picnics. When winter snows and red-blood sunsets arrive over Ski Apache, the evening calms with hearty meals, candlelight, varietal wines and lively conversation.

Our new home site featuring some of our current furry family, welcomes you! Enjoy the following pages reflecting our gratitude, passion and love for dogs and their immediate core needs. While expanding our awareness of dog adoption, shared playtime, therapy service and stature, we partner a new reality on their behalf, meriting genuine respect and responsive energies intending wellness, well-being and worth.

With outstretched arms, we offer a Heart Sanctuary page for those surviving the very real pain experienced when their beloved animal leaves this earth. In soothing belief in the hereafter; a fertile void where past, present and beyond exist together, Save The Creature’s author poses the eternal question to a beloved pet:

“When you leave the earth, how will I find you again? The animal looked back and spoke: Listen for my song. I will sing to you. And you will hear me.” 

We believe this is possible.


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